watercolor & ink in sync


Already as a child I loved to be creative and to draw. This has not changed until today. Art is my passion. In 2015 I began to specialize in painting with watercolor and ink.

Do you want a beautiful painting for your home or do you want to send an artistic card to your friends? Do you need an illustration for your business? Please shoot me a message. I appreciate and answer all inquiries. I would be happy to chat about what it is that you are looking for. This allows me to keep creating art with a personal touch. For more information and/or inspiration check out the gallery, my instagram and my tiktok profile. 

In addition, you are welcome to visit my online art shop. Maybe you'll discover something nice for yourself or a gift for your loved ones.

Just For Fun

My services

Creation of original paintings according to your wishes (examples: portrait of your pet, picture of your

favorite landscape, plant, flower etc.) 

Prices incl. frame from CHF 200.00 plus shipping costs, depending on format and time required

Design, illustration and printing of custom cards (examples: greeting cards, save the date, birth announcements, birth

day invitations, concert flyers etc.)

Price per card from CHF 7.40 (minimum order value: 20 pieces), depending on time required

Creation of illustrations for other purposes (examples: posters, fan articles, book or album covers, website etc.)

Price from CHF 160.00, depending on time required

my painting methods

What does "watercolor & ink in sync" mean? First of all, I am specialized in watercolor and ink painting and love these techniques. The watercolor technique is a play between control and coincidence. There are always new methods to pick up and it never gets boring. The effect of watercolors is unique with its soft and bright tones. A while after I got started with watercolors, I began to combine them with ink. Unlike watercolors, ink is waterproof and therefore cannot be removed. I also found out about Japanese ink art and fell in love with it. The material you use for this technique is beautiful. The results you get are very precise and expressive. One of the greatest challenges is that you got only one shot, because you can't undo any stroke.